Guiding our clients through uncertain paths

Real estate, energy and business transactions, commercial financing and Indian law can be complex and frustrating. At Appleby Law PLLC, we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate real estate and commercial lending transactions and the complexities of federal Indian law by identifying issues, creating solutions and helping our clients achieve their goals.

We draw on our diverse experiences practicing law: from a general local and rural practice to an
in-house corporate and banking practice to a regional practice in the Southwestern U.S. to a "Big Law" East Coast practice. We have combined the best of each at Appleby Law PLLC.


Our experience and expertise make us uniquely suited to advise you on both large and small transactions. Our boutique practice enables us to offer our clients personal, focused cost-conscious attention and to collaborate with other experts throughout the U.S.

Our clients include large and small businesses, lenders, development and energy companies and individuals.

We pride ourselves on knowing our clients, focusing on who they are and what they want to achieve. We are relationship people. Our mission is to turn your opportunities into your successes, both on and off Indian lands.