Experienced and Respected Counsel on Native American Law and Transactions

Real estate, energy and business transactions, commercial financing and Indian law can be complex and challenging. At Appleby Law PLLC, we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate real estate and commercial transactions and the complexities of federal Indian law by identifying issues, recommending solutions and helping our clients achieve their goals.


We draw on our diverse experiences practicing law in local and rural settings, in a regional practice in the Southwestern U.S., a large east coast practice and as in-house counsel. We have combined the best of each at Appleby Law PLLC.

Combining Indian Law, Real Estate, and Commercial Finance Expertise

Nancy Appleby has built her law firm on the natural intersection of her areas of expertise: federal Indian law, real estate, and commercial finance. This convergence has positioned her as a niche attorney who is particularly suited to consult with, and advise clients, on project developments, land title issues, contracting and dispute resolution in Indian country.


Appleby Law PLLC provides principled representation for businesses and corporations interested in utilizing Native American lands for business and/or real estate development. Nancy Appleby advises professionals so they may negotiate with tribal interests on their own. In addition, she serves as an expert witness in litigation. We serve clients nationwide and are available via teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and live meetings.


Our experience and expertise make us uniquely suited to advise you on both large and small transactions. Our boutique practice enables us to offer our clients personal, focused, cost-conscious attention and to collaborate with other firms throughout the United States.


Our clients include large and small businesses, title insurers, lenders, and development and energy companies, including companies interested in partnering with Native American-owned businesses and law firms.


We have based a measure of success on knowing our clients, focusing on who they are and what they want to achieve. We are relationship people. Our mission is to turn your opportunities into your successes, both on and off Indian lands.